Sian & Ian

Mr & Mrs Probert

Well, it's nearly twelve months since the Royal Welsh show when Sian
 asked me to photograph her and Ian's wedding. Here I am not quite a year later ready
 to show the now married couple their wedding photographs. 

On Saturday the twenty nineth of June two thousand and thirteen, Sian and 'Probie' tied
 the knot at Dolanog Church, followed by a marquee reception
 at Cae Cobra, Meifod. Despite a few showers on the days
 leading up to the wedding, the rain 
stayed away- giving us perfect weather conditions for a summer wedding.

Before the ceremony, myself and my good friend and assistant
Karen went to Sian's childhood home in Dolanog, to get some 
photographs of the bridal party before the happy couple 
exchanged vows at the local church. 
Here is Sian with the two adorable flower girls- Leri and Evie.

This is one of my favourite photographs I have ever taken in a
wedding ceremony, I love the feeling of excitement between
the couple as they shared their first kiss as a married couple
in front of close friends and family.
As well as this, the smiles on the faces of the guests
in the background are just priceless.


After the formal photographs were taken, it was time to have a
little fun, so I decided to try out this shot. I had never done
this shot before so I was slightly anxious as to whether it would
work or not, but luckily it worked a treat.
As the night went on, I found myself looking outside, checking
if it was dark yet as I was excited to try out another new photo idea
using sparklers. I could not wait to give this a go as I had practiced
this technique with friends the night before and was
keen to try it out with Sian and Probie. 

After a few attempts at lighting up the sparklers outside
in the wind, we were away. We tried out a few different things with
the sparklers using six second exposures, but as soon as I
saw this image on my camera screen- I knew this was the one. 


After a fantastic 14 hour "working" day, It was time to head home.
My drive home was a nervous one as I knew that my final degree results
were waiting for me on the kitchen table since the post arrived that afternoon. As
soon as I got in to the house I grabbed hold of the envelope and ripped it open
to find out that I was graduating with a 2:1 BA (Hons) in Photography.

As I was looking at this piece of paper I had worked so hard to get for
three years, I honestly felt nothing. I knew I should of been feeling
over the moon that I had managed to achieve this, but
honestly, I wasn't that fused. It's strange, but I think I understand why. That day,
I had realised that I love my job and that I had already reached
where I wanted to be before knowing my results.
I realise that I'm one of the lucky few that want to go to work
on a Saturday, and for that I'm so grateful.

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